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Idea - Plan - Action

We can define the process of conversion optimization as bringing attention of internet users to your website and changing them into long term customers. Implemented conversion optimization strategies result in maximized sales or subscriptions as well as the improving of customers loyalty. The best starting point before choosing an appropriate online marketing strategy is answering a few simple questions:

  • why are visitors leaving my website?
  • which group has the highest bounce rate?
  • can I improve a website?
  • are there all relevant components on a website?
  • are there any obstacles that should be removed?

Remember that conversion optimization is a complex process that consists of a few independent areas such as statistics, graphics, copywriting and web usability. To maximize your success you should always implement all mentioned strategies together.

Some websites have thousands of clicks a day but does it mean they are really efficient?

The answer is no, because the most important thing is when visitors stay on a web page and convert. Usually visitors make the decision to stay or go somewhere else within a few seconds. We help you convince visitors of your website that it is the place they have been looking for.

The ultimate goal of the conversion optimization is to generate a maximum number of conversions. This means changing visitors into customers. Conversion optimization will help you to adjust your website to the needs and requirements of visitors, and reduce the bounce rate.

Our tools and experience will help you increase the number of conversions and achieve your goals. You will notice a higher number of customers with the same amount of traffic to your website.

Our activities will also increase your brand awareness and the perception of your company’s image.

There are many methods of conversion optimization, and we chose and implement the ones that are the most effective for your products or services. We always implement solutions based on true tests and a thorough analysis of web analytics. Such an approach guarantees that our strategy is based on real and up to date information.

Remember that conversion optimization is only a part of our complex internet marketing strategy.

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